VW Bus


1970 Volkswagen Type 2, with a really unique paint job. I see Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead skeleton, a Pink Floyd reference, as well as Mt. Hood on the side, and probably a few other things I missed. Also the famous “0-55 in 11 minutes” bumper sticker.


4 Responses to “VW Bus”

  1. Better than any legacy–from 0 to 55 in eleven minutes, to the cultural and geocultural motifs: Presence with keen commentary. Beautiful. I’m giving this one a ten twinkles high in the sky.

  2. Let the resounding motifs of cross-sociological cortices envelop this cultural legacy. 55 Minutes.

  3. Whoa…..WHOA…..I didn’t even see “THE WALL” painted on the front til just now. “How” serendipitous.

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